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Volunteering is a hidden resource of any civil organisation, which makes them real, credible and active in their fields. By working with volunteers, organisations leave their comfort zones, thus they become responsible for the volunteers’ work as well. A milestone in the process of an organisation “growing up” is when it accepts volunteers outside its inner circles. Volunteers and organisations have to learn how to build up a fruitful cooperation from scratch. Volunteers have their own personalities, so organisations have to get to know them, find the right place for them in the processes and appreciate them for their work as they can increase the reputation of organisations. First impression always matters. 


What do you need for a good impression? Show volunteers that they have chosen well. This is what GLOCOVO helps you with.


GLOCOVO is an application facilitating volunteers and organisations with the same goals and needs to find each other. By specifying the interests and the scope of activities, volunteers and organisations can find each other quickly and rather easily.


The main objective of the GLOCOVO application and system is to transform voluntary work, which is useful, beneficial and essential for organisations, a real and tangible value for volunteers as well. GLOCOVO makes it possible for volunteers to build up a career while helping others, and facilitates it for organisations to find the most suitable volunteers for their needs to reach their goals.



Register and get started! Don’t forget! Volunteering is power.



Registration / Sign in

Organisations can sign up for GLOCOVO on the online platform here, but some functions will only be available after downloading and using the application. 

Organisations can set up their own profiles while registering to the system. After providing the basic information, organisations can shortly introduce their objectives, activities and projects. 


As soon as the introduction is done, a targeted search can be performed among the volunteers who have already signed up. How? When volunteers sign up, they provide their location, interests and scopes, they set filters to increase the likelihood of being listed among the search results and to get more attention from suitable organisations.


The benefits of using GLOCOVO can be perceived after the voluntary work. Users rate and assess each other by the criteria system provided by GLOCOVO. Ratings are listed in the profiles.  For organisations, ratings are actually a means of feedback on the volunteers’ impressions that can highlight the perceived strengths and weaknesses in terms of communication, cooperation etc. Volunteers can use ratings and assessments to make their online portfolio or printed CV more impressive.


What is this rating system good for? 

The criteria system developed by GLOCOVO provides unified and detailed information to both parties of the volunteering process. Organisations can get a hint about the areas where they need more focus or change. Additionally, GLOCOVO can provide organisations with proposals and advice about organisational development based on their ratings. By using GLOCOVO, organisations can get a general idea about how they operate and apply this knowledge to develop and grow in a shorter time marching towards their goals.


And it isn’t over yet!

Based on ratings and assessments, GLOCOVO generates the list of TOP 100 organisations and volunteers. For more information about the TOP 100, click here.


Top 100? What is that?

The list of Top 100 is a unified rating system that ranks the best volunteers and organisations across the country based on the opinion of the community. GLOCOVO has an algorithm weighting and cross-measuring data, giving plus points, therefore manipulation is out of the question, results are not subjective but firmly grounded. 20 years of professional experience on the fields of civil organisations, communication and marketing has been included into this specific rating system that is unique all over the world.


What is behind?

Our objective is to promote the setting up of such a rating and classification system in the non-profit and social sector that has already been present in the for-profit sector, a system that transforms social responsibility and voluntary work a real, measurable and exact value.


I would like to advertise

GLOCOVO makes it possible for organisations and companies to become more visible, thus find those volunteers that can be engaged in their programmes and projects. You can use banners and post advertisements on our website, blog and in the application feed as well as introduce the organisation in an interview conducted by our colleagues.


For further inquiries about advertising possibilities, click here.