What is our goal?

Our objective is to promote the setting up of such a rating and classification system in the non-profit and social sector that has already been present in the for-profit sector, a system that transforms social responsibility and voluntary work a real, measurable and exact value.

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Who are we?

The Glocovo help to make value and prestige from the community service and volunteering processes.

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We're counting on you

Support our mission!

The Glocovo proves that professionalism is not the privilege of the for-profit sector. Receiving Volunteers and volunteering activities is a must to do it professionally and that is the oly way which is worthwhile. To do so, it provides a framework so that the real measurement results provide motivation and guidance for the further work.



Reasons You Should Start Volunteering In California

Volunteering is one of the great human’s activities that you could do to help others around you. By becoming a volunteer in California, you are participating in something that you actually do not have to do. Volunteering makes you connect as a human and also help others that are less fortunate than you.


Hogy áll az önkéntesség 2021-ben?

A COVID önkéntességre gyakorolt hatásaival, valamint az önkéntesség jövőjével foglalkozunk.


What is Arbor Day?

Arbor Day celebrates the importance and value of trees in our lives.


Ma van a madarak és fák napja, az ország legrégebbi zöld ünnepe

A madarak és fák napjának üzenete egyre fontosabb.