Sheltersuits Provide Protection, Dignity and Warmth for Those Most at Risk from Exposure

(Last modification: 27/01/2020)

Sheltersuits Provide Protection, Dignity and Warmth for Those Most at Risk from Exposure

Without having any refuge to turn to, people across the world constantly struggle to survive the cold and elements. The makers of Sheltersuits believe that everyone at all times deserves protection, dignity and warmth. That’s why Sheltersuits are given away for free.

Brilliantly designed Sheltersuits help protect the most vulnerable from the worst of the elements The Shelteruit is a waterproof and windproof coat which can be transformed into a sleepingbag. You simply zip the sleepingbag onto the coat and your whole body is protected against the elements.During the day the sleepingbag can be stored in the matching backpack. The suits are given to homeless people and refugees for free.

Sheltersuit developed their eponymous shelter/garment as a short-term solution for a bigger problem. Although it does not solve the problem of homelessness, Sheltersuit does prevent people from the very real danger of freezing to death.

The Netherlands-based non-profit believes every single human life matters, and therefore everybody deserves a small shelter when they need one.

Every Sheltersuit consists of:

  • Big hoody and tall collar
  • Integrated scarf
  • Lightweight and warm insulation
  • Big pockets
  • Strong cuffs with windbreakers
  • Zippable sleeping-bag
  • Wind- and waterproof, breathable fabric
  • A sleeping-bag which can be transformed into a larger warm blanket
  • The Sheltersuit has an opening at the bottom designed in case the user needs to move fast

Made by the unemployed, refugees and volunteers in Sheltersuit’s own social workplace, in social terms, Sheltersuit embodies what design can do; it inspires, connects and activates people.

The materials used are donated free by partners in the garment and camping manufacturing space.

Through a unique social program in cooperation with Dutch government institutions, companies and other organisations, the Sheltersuit Factory employs displaced sewing professionals, student apprentices, volunteers and people with a disadvantage in the job-market.

Aside from creating Sheltersuits and giving these to homeless people, the Sheltersuit Foundation helps the social integration of refugees from war-torn countries through employment, teaching the Dutch language and showing them local culture and customs.



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