How volunteerism can change your world (video)

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How volunteerism can change your world (video)

If you want something important to be done step up and do it. Learn how to change the world with Joyce Bertram.

Each year, hundreds of volunteers come together, build a settlement, live there for five days, and then take everything down. They leave nothing but footprints. Without volunteers, there would not be a settlement, there would be no art, there would be no experiment in creative freedom and participation. In her short talk Joyce shares her lessons of what does it take to be a volunteer and why everyone should be one. Joyce grew up in The Netherlands where she started to volunteer at the age of fourteen. At this age she got the first sparkle of passion for Volunteerism and it’s culture. Before reaching the age of thirty, she changed volunteering into a paid job position. She has been involved with various organizations, to help them organize, recruit, train and manage their teams to help them reach their goals. In this role, she has worked with hundreds of volunteers, each with their own story and expectations. Joyce agrees that without dedication of volunteers she could not have realized those goals.

How volunteerism can change your world


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